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Jess the founder of AYUOK. Jess graduated with a BSC 1st Class Hons in Information Systems Engineering, spending 25 years in the corporate world working her way to a programme director working for top 10 Blue chip companies and the top 10 FTSE 100.


In Parallel to her corporate career Jess took many other certified courses over the last 15 years from psychotherapy dip , PR,  NLP, TimeLine Therapy (Hypnosis),  Ayurveda & Marma Practitioner (Herbalist), EFT, CBT, AMD, Reiki, Past Life Regression,  Qigong, Theta,  Ancient Healing (Buddhist; Tibetan; Shaman) Healing, Soul Planning (Numerology) Master Sound Tibetan bowls & Gongs trainer and Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Nepal and India. Body Alignment and energy (including BIOFIELD energy)  therapies and many more.


Jess Holistic Healing Master was born with innate gifts (Jess started meditating from age 8) and through these gifts she has awakened many emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Jess has spent a lot of her life diving deep into ancient healing philosophy and spent a lot of time travelling around the world and through Himalayas connecting, learning initiated by many masters; teachers; monks; saints.


Jess is accredited and member of IPHM, ANLP, AAMET, UK Reiki Federation and CMA - Complimentary Medicine Association , Mental health first aider and many more recognized institutions Jess has been working with these therapies for past 15 years attaining some great results. Jess also carries out voluntary work with young children and elderly at hospitals and young adults with depression, HIV/AID offering healing therapies voluntarily.  Working in the corporate world as a mentor and motivational speaker.  CHECKOUT JESS ON LINKEDIN

Jess Kaur (MCMA, IPHM)

Accredited & Certified Healer & Counsellor- Spiritual Master

Yoga & Ayurveda Practitioner

AYUOK practitioners are experienced in many practices from Psychotherapy, Public Relations, counseling, hypnosis, Ayurveda & Herbalist. Many Ancient healing therapies ( Lama Fera, Reiki, Angelic Multidimensional Healing, Hunkara with Haleem, Micro Reiki, 21 Coral Asten, Shamanic healing, Qigong, Sound healing and many yoga, meditation and breath work therapies.)  


Many people are beginning to recognize the interconnection of body, mind and spirit and the importance of treating the whole person rather than separate body parts and adopting a holistic approach. They are beginning to see the value in treating health conditions with natural, alternative and preventative methods.

AYUOK Practitioner and Masters are certified and accredited to help heal and transform those seeking to be healed. We work with healing masters from Nepal, India and South America. The therapies will be focussed on releasing mental, emotional, physical tensions as well as gradually and safely developing strength and flexibility of the entire body.

We love to see our clients fully energized - ready to take control of their lives and to sustain the lifestyle forever we continue to support the client even when the treatment has finished.

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Uma (Management of AYUOK) is a successful Certified and expert trainer in Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing  contribute towards creating awareness among everyone about this tradition that helps in transforming body , mind and promoting wellbeing of the society.


Uma has a MSc in Yoga therapy and years of experience teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, retorative yoga. Teaching deep mindful technique meditation techniques through yog nidra, tratak and many more meditation techniques.


Uma born in Nepal travelling through the himalayas and India is also a healer working with sound (tibetan bowls and gongs).  Working with many clients Uma has witnessed When clients are nourished with a right kind of sound, the billions & billions of cells in the body start to vibrate & reorganize themselves according to divine blue print, in a state of healthy being. Uma has been initiated by masters throughout her journey

Mindfulness classes / workshops in schools help children & adults to develop mental fitness, creativity and focussed attention in studies as well as strengthen a positive attitude and good self image. Uma has worked with young children with austism and has seen phenomenal results from the energy healing work she has done with themm


Uma is an expert in stress management techniques and sound therapy running many programs in India and Nepal. Uma has the ability to lead clients to the health and psychological benefits of yoga/breathwork/mindfulness and sound therapy.


Uma has the ability to understand the client by scaning through the energy aura (Reiki and Aura Healer) and act according to the situation demand. She has the experience in counseling, motivating and driving the client to a better lifestyle by promoting clear directions in diet, healh and lifestyle. Promoting wellbeing in the community. Strong believer of Honesty and sincerity, always give top priority to serve to the level Best.

Uma Bastola  - Holistic Practitioner

Certified  Yoga Teacher &

                   Sound Therapist

Stress Management Practitioner

Energy Healer (Reiki & Aura)

Alice Almas  - Holistic Practitioner

Certified Yoga Teacher including

Self Transformation Practitioner

Energy Healer (Reiki)


Alice (Partner of AYUOK) is a certified contemporary dance teacher, actress and soul singer with an angelical voice throughout; she vibrates the divine messages spreading unconditional love to all.

Some years ago Alice went through some health issues which took her into a very deep inner journey connecting to the mind, body and soul and understanding the alignment of how important these three are to be fully functional; Alice studied Mind Programming and Spiritual connection with her real self and purpose. Travelled through Nepal guided through her intuition and sensitivity to end up meeting her ancestral healers, guiding her to her higher purpose through deeper healing and initiations. Alice was born in a family where her ancestors were gifted with the healing power to heal and this was passed down to her.


Alice born in Spain and well travelled is deeply connected to mother earth spending a lot of time in nature meditating and healing through mother earth nourishment to the mind and body being in oneness of this has given her clear path to her purpose to serve all beings and mother earth. Helping those who are seeking for inner peace and self-development.


Alice works mind, body and soul through her artistic and energetic skills connecting with the divine using the art of movement, sound and breathe work as a joyful tool to connect to true self. You will feel liberated from unnecessary emotions, limited beliefs and stepping out of your comfort zone, which block us from feeling free and expressive connecting to true self-happiness.


Alice deeper connection with energy source and mother earth has allowed her to develop her skills into yoga practice (Hatha, restorative), meditation, breath work and energy scanning continuing to powering her up as a holistic energy healer.  (Reiki Practitioner)


FAMILY OF AYUOK - GN REIKI is OUR NEPAL HUB, we work closely together BRINGING therapies to the WEST learning from MASTER Kendra who is gifted from the DIVINE SOURCE and so is his BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Uncondutional love, compassion, humbleness and true DIVINE BEAUTY this is OUR FAMILY.


GN REIKI MEDITATION CENTER (GNRMC) is a “Spiritual Center” in Pokhara, a beautiful natural city on the lap of Himalayas in Nepal; sharing the practices for yoga, meditation, healing and spirituality. With the blessings and guidance of Great Spiritual Masters, GNRMC is dedicated for serving the humanity by nourishing, nurturing and guiding the individuals/“Souls” to the true state of existence through the actual path of life (The Path of TRUTH).


This center was initially started by a group of dedicated spiritual practitioners during the early 2005. Lot of individuals were benefited with miraculous results in terms of severe and chronic health problems while lot of seekers also got the platform which gave them the easy and genuine step towards the healthy and righteous way of living as well as achieving THE DIVINITY – WITHIN.



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