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Certified and teacher training programs are certified by AYUOK.


AYUOK is accredited by many boards and institutions for its training. You become a member of AYUOK Alliance once you complete the program, giving you access to recognized networks.


These programs and training course are intense bringing many masters to teach the true essence of self transformation through many ancient teachings.


You want to get the fullness of life .


Connect to your full potential …invest in yourself now. Live the truest and highest level of yourself.


Use your Value, success is when you stop allowing people to treat you not for your value. You become what your believe, keep your dreams alive.

Self Transformation Program (5 Days)

  • SWAT – Strength, Weakness, Action & Transition mapping

  • Self image and transform techniques, self esteem, confidence boosting skills

  • Perform better in your personal and professional life – taking control

  • Mapping out the mind and gaining control


“What you give power to has power over you”


Meditation Teacher Training (10 Days)

  • Covering many meditation techniques (Mantras, Mudras, sounds, movements, sufi, Buddhist, kundalini, zen, etc)

  • Insights on power of restorative and sound healing

  • Inner Tantric yoga (yantra and mandalas


Sound Healing Training (7 Days)

  • Tibetan sounds bowls and gongs healing

  • Healing with mantra and sound bowls


Energy Centres Teacher Training (5 Days)

  • Aura, Chakras, Kundalini and pranic centres.

  • Understanding how to heal energy centres with ancient healing techniques

  • Unlocking the keys to power centres

  • Certification in Chakra Balancing


Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Training (4 weeks)

  Reiki level one will be over a weekend - the 21 days practice at home with homework

  Reiki level two given after 21 days, full attunement and practitioner certifiication along with reiki stones, manual and protective sheet.

“Unleash the greatest potential within.”