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Counselling Therapies  - Holistic Therapies is a rapidly growing approach to treating the whole person, body, mind, and soul. Many people believe in a higher power.


AyuOk therapies to assist clients seeking to clarify or discover their true selves. This is not a matter of a therapist teaching a particular spiritual or religious model. Rather, the process of therapy involves the client in an ongoing inquiry into his or her own nature, the nature of the conscious and unconscious mind, the perceptions and realities of the client’s environment, the client’s choices, and the motivations for and consequences of those choices for the client and for other people.

The mind controls the body. Therefore, the "mind state" is the key to assessing the energetic balance of the heart and soul. The most profound realization is to understand that energy follows thought. Keeping our energy positive and enlightened can help to encourage our wellness, just as negative thought patterns can continue to make us sick


The body follows the mind. When the body is energetically out of balance, it is important to access what is causing the imbalance and how to remedy it. The Body is comprised of your Physical health - a state of heightened energy and vitality; freedom from pain, disability, and disease; the ability to perform challenging physical feats. The body is also attune to your Environmental health - living in harmony (neither harming nor being harmed) with and feeling nurtured by your environment; a condition of respect and appreciation for your home, nature, and the earth.


The spirit is our deepest healing resource. To recognize a power that is greater than our own is to recognize our Spirituality. When we are spiritual we consciously strive to live with awareness, love, faith and devotion.


Our Spirit is comprised of Spiritual health - a condition marked by a diminished sense of fear and the daily experience of unconditional love, joy, gratitude, and a personal relationship with your God (or an awareness of an inner source of infinite power and compassion.) Our Spirit also comes through Social health - and consists of a strong, positive connection to others in community, family, and intimacy with one or more people.