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Most people have heard of meditation, yet very few people have actually experienced it in the truest sense. Meditation is a living experience; it is a state of being beyond the realm of thought.


When this state is known then no words are necessary.


When people refer to meditation they are usually referring to the various meditation techniques that can eventually lead one to the state of meditation. Meditation is a process of mind training and accessing the deeper layers of mind. What is mind? Contrary to what would think mind is not the entity contained within the brain. The brain is more like a receiver of information rather than its source.


Sufis would speak in terms of the heart-mind and beyond this insight into infinite mind. The purpose of meditation is to find and live the inner life. The essence of it is to develop awareness of the different realms of the mind. Without awareness the state of meditation is impossible



Full Moon Meditation to Expand & Release through Dance and intention

Energy has been building during the waxing moon phase, and the full moon is the time to release that energy. The time to unburden yourself, and to take action on the intentions you set at the new moon. To expand into your potential.

  • Power of full moon meditation

  • Full moon techniques

  • Sound and Movement


Movement Meditation

The mystic heart practices to purify oneself and achieve

mystical union with the Self

  • Movement of freedom

  • Endless quest to seek the truth


Heart Opening Meditation

A deeply heart-opening experience, begins with a guided

mindful body-scan and meditation guide. Meditation is by the

most powerful method for tapping into the heart's energy.

  • Breath work, Chanting and dancing

  • Step beyond the story


Mindful Conscious sleep meditation

Let Headspace change your relationship with sleep. ...

Meditation trains us to be less in our head and more aware

of the present moment.

  • Guided Yog Nidra with sound bowls


Power Energy Centre Meditation

Learn a powerful ancient chakra meditation that will activate and balance the 7 chakras in just one session and bring your energy body into complete harmony.

  • Primary Chakra centre reset

  • Aligning with the 5 elements

  • Sound and Chanting and movement

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