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Self Healing workshop by AYUOK to allow you to take control and to connect to that energy which is your personality. There is a power greater then self that rules this life connect to that POWER.


LIFE ON EARTH - is a school for the developing SELF.  The purpose of lessons is to bring together any insights gained during this life that can be useful for spiritual growth and  for other beings who are lost and looking for answers. Life lessons are sometimes learned in the most unexpected places.


Self discovery is the greatest discovery you could ever make. Knowing yourself inside out will bring blessing to your life and add value to the things you enjoy doing.


The greatest thing about knowing what you do not like will give you the power to remove all these unwanted things from your life. You hold the power to design your life. Don't let anyone or anything take that away from you

Diet, Health and lifestyle workshop (2 days)

  • Understanding your constitution and body type (The five elements)

  • Understanding how your environments impact your health

  • Understanding food reactions in your body and the wrong combinations - food vs. health  


Self Healing Transformation workshop (2 days) 

  • Insights into techniques to self heal clearing old patterns  

  • Unlock the power of the mind to heal

  • Discover Your Innate Greatness

  • Communicate from The Heart


Discover your creative flow (2 days)

Want to uncover the creative genius inside of you? ... Bits and pieces of genius will find their way to you, if you give yourself permission to let the muse flow.

  • Connecting to the heart energy

  • Discover how you control your future

  • Power of Now


Reset and Reconnect workshop (2 Days)

You can't be your best when you are overworked. Maximize your potential by resetting your mind and mood whenever you feel drained.

  • Emotional Intelligence


Transform and Transition workshop – (2 Day)

  • Managing stress and conscious co-working space

  • Planning daily tasks and activities

  • Transparency and resilience



Pay attention to your life, your life is always speaking to you. Your No.1 job is to become No.1 for your self. Thoughts are the greatest value to change and you create your every moment. These workshops will allow you to go deeper into the core and unleash your true potential, you will be in more control of your MIND and your LIFE.